3D Imaging, Vaughan ON

Soredex Scanora 3D system

Concord Oral Surgery is pleased to offer the Soredex Scanora 3D system which utilizes cone beam complex tomography technology to produce precise, crystal-clear digital images of the oro-facial complex utilizing minimal radiation.

This means we can more precisely diagnose conditions using unmatched visualization of anatomical detail.  Specific areas of concern can be selected and scanned further limiting your exposure.  Scans may be taken of impacted teeth, dental implant sites, cysts, tumors and other pathology, jaw bone, jaw joints, sinuses and other anatomy.  This information is then shared and discussed with you, our patient, in ways you can understand.  Together, we can plan for effective treatment options yielding the best quality and value for your time and money.

Dr. Barron can also share these images with your primary care provider enhancing doctor to doctor communication and facilitating collaboration on your care.  The result is a more enjoyable patient experience and a positive treatment outcome.

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Below are three examples of 3D images.  Specialized software is used to rotate these images and view the third dimension.

 Digital image of upper teeth, side view

Above:  lateral view from left to right – cervical vertebrae, jaw joint, upper teeth

 Digital image of upper teeth, bottom view

Above:  the chewing surface of the upper teeth 

 Digital image of upper teeth, front view

Above:  upper teeth, facial view