I am initiating this blog entry as we approach our 10th anniversary in oral surgical practice. Family dentists in the greater Vaughan area continue to refer patients to our care for a variety of treatment, including dental implant placement, complicated extractions including wisdom teeth, pathology, TMJ symptoms, cancer screening and numerous other oral surgical procedures with a range of sedation and general anesthesia options to maximize patient comfort. Just as noteworthy, are the number of patients who come to us on their own accord. Today, many patients present to doctors often well informed about dental procedures and treatment options after conducting their own research on the internet. People are also well travelled and learn about what is available in Europe and other progressive countries around the world. For this reason, Concord Oral Surgery is continually researching new products and procedures to support our patients’ interest in rehabilitating their mouths to a state of high dental function and aesthetics that will serve them well into the future.