Many people want to restore their mouths with much needed dentition, but postpone treatment because of anxiety, fear and worry. One of the greatest offerings in oral surgery is the ability to render patients completely comfortable and relaxed with the use of sedative medications. Today, there is a great selection of sedative drug options that are fast acting, highly effective and quickly reversible. The use of an infusion pump allows us to administer the precise amount of drug to achieve optimal sedation. These medications are highly researched and documented and considered safe and reliable. Whenever sedation is administered, a Registered Nurse remains present throughout the entire procedure. It is the nurse’s responsibility to monitor vital signs including heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, blood/oxygen saturation, depth of sedation and patient comfort and well-being. Nurses working with sedation must be ACLS certified (Acute Coronary Life Support). Patient safety and comfort remain a constant priority. In addition, a certified dental assistant is present to assist with the dental surgery.

Patients benefit many ways from the administration of sedation. First, any feeling of stress, phobia, anxiety or the like is instantly lifted. Patients also enjoy the benefits of breathing 100% oxygen while sedated. Freezing or local anesthetic in the area of the treatment is still given but patients don’t feel it or care about it. With the patient well managed and comfortable, treatment proceeds without delay. Patients generally have no awareness or recollection of the procedure. Following the procedure, patients are recovered in post-op where vitals are monitored. Patients are discharged when they are fully conscious and aware, show no signs of nausea or dizziness and can walk with some assistance. Patients who are sedated must bring a driver with them and should have someone stay with them for several hours while the effects of sedation completely reverse. Patients are not permitted to operate a vehicle or machinery following sedation for a period of 24 hours.

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